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        Don't let your photos live on your desktop or hard drive. Let them become a part of your every day life by decorating your home and office with the smiles of your favorite day!

        Why Should You Print Your Pictures?

        What better way to relive your wedding day than to flip through an album with your hubby/wifey, or to glance at your favorite picture sitting on your desk at work, or to be watching a movie and to see you two kissing as newly weds out of the corner of your eye. You’re not always going to sit down with the intention of looking at your wedding pictures on your laptop, and if you do how long will you actually look at them? By printing your images, they become a part of your life. You’ll see them on your way to work or when you’re making breakfast for the kids, and every time you look at your pictures you’ll remember the feeling of your wedding day. But don’t just take my word for it! JuneBug Weddings¬†also agrees that printing your wedding photos is just as important as downloading them.

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        Print Packages

        Not sure what to get, or even where to start? I got you! I've put together 3 carefully curated print packages for you to choose from!

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