TO MENU
        Shooting Philosophy
        I’m here to tell your story as authentically, unfiltered, and naturally as possible. You’ve cultivated a beautiful relationship over the course of months, years, and maybe even decades. The last thing I want to do is create images that don’t truly reflect who you are and then slap a filter over it, because where the authenticity in that? My job is to photograph the love that is already there. My images look the way they do because there’s love, passion, and a relationship between myself and the couple behind every photo. I’m not just another wedding vendor, and if you’re looking for a quick one-and-done photographer then I might not be the person for you.
        I’m also pretty down to earth and really laid back, and I’m guessing you are too! But when it comes to planning + preparing for things, I’m definitely Type A. So when it’s time for our session together, we’ll have already planned out all the details we need to know and then we get to let loose and have fun! (Oh, and if you want to bring a 6-pack or some coffee and Baileys you can 100% count me in.)